Dr. Harold tripp

Dr. Tripp completed his undergraduate work at Valdosta State University and his graduate work at the Medical College of Georgia. He then completed a one year internship with the U.S. Army active duty from 1973-1976 and the U.S. Army reserve from 1976-1996. When he retired from the Army, he retired as a LTC in the Army Dental Corporation. Dr. Tripp then started his own private dental practice in 1976 here he is currently still practicing. He is 68 years young. He is an avid radio controlled aircraft pilot. He loves to fly full size aircraft and has his rating through fixed wing, multi-engine, high performance aircraft. Dr. Tripp is a Harley man and enjoys riding his Harley trike. Dr. Tripp has had a successful 38 year long private dental practice due to the care and compassion he gives all of his patients. His goal is to give the best dental care he can possibly give while also improving their dental experience as a whole.